TATTVA: A Voluntary Action Group

Tattva is committed to a vision of making a difference within local communities. We are committed to bringing about change and creating awareness on issues that need a voice.

Tattva is the brainchild of a group of friends who have come together to work on creating an impactful difference especially within marginalized groups and communities around us. Tattva is looking to bring about change in quality of life be it through education, access to clean drinking water, nutritional support or creating livelihood opportunities within the ecosystem.

Earlier Tattva was WRT4U (We Are There For You) an initiative that was to mainly support underprivileged people during COVID’19 lockdown. The group reached out to around 1017 families supporting them for three months by serving them with rations and other immediate necessities.

2021 marks the dawn of TATTVA4U, an amalgamation of one of Tattva’s founding member, Amit Bhattacharjee fondly known as ‘Dada’ dream Ultra run, Tattva’s foray into engaging and collaborating with other Non-profits and creating an opportunity to make a difference.

Amit Bhattacharjee

Amit Bhattacharjee

‘Dada’ is an ultra-runner with hundreds of kilometers under his heels. He says,"I wanted to challenge my body and mind. I have challenged my body, now to have a strong emotional connect close to the heart to negotiate when fatigue strikes and one feels like giving up I decided to support Sense International India who work for the wellness of people with Deafblindess and make them a part of society and a cause which I am emotionally connected." Come forward to support the cause and be a driving force of impact. He finds long distance especially ultra- running fulfilling and believes that is the reason he is able to do well in this category. He began his journey of running in 2012 and did his first ever 100km in 2015. Since then he has never looked back! He focuses and trains for one such long distance run every year and the kms keep getting added. He says, “For such long distance races, it is important to have an emotional connect to keep one moving even during difficult phases. When I ran from Ahmedabad to Mount Abu, I had run for a self-thought cause, “Humans are for Humans”. Since this cause was close to my heart, it helped me to do well in the race specially during difficult phases.”

Education is a fundamental right of every child. Our education system is ill-equipped to include children with disabilities and the situation is even worse when it comes to dual or multi-sensory impairment like deafblindness. We aim to raise Rs.4,00,000 through ‘The Deafblind Run’ and support Sense India for education of 40 deafblind children. The amount raised will cover the cost of providing need-based training and education by special educators who will develop Individual Education Plan for each child. This would also include cost of therapies and aids and appliances for children. People with deafblindness, identified at an early stage and provided the right training and education can learn to communicate well and interact with others. Many children are included in mainstream schools for regular education and trained in different vocational skills. They grow as independent adults, earn a livelihood and live an active and independent life.

He goes on to share that while physical training has been going on well but to make him emotionally connected to a cause or something he believes in, he decided to support Sense India who he was introduced to during the COVID-19 lockdown, where team Tattva along with Dada worked closely to support people with Deafblindess get their basic rations. Deafblindness is a unique disability that combines varying degrees of both hearing and visual impairment. All individuals who are deafblind experience extreme challenges with communication, mobility as well as accessing information and most have additional physical and medical conditions.

Dada reiterates that “It is a hard fact that the awareness of this category of differently abled people is very little across the country which has made them the most deprived people. Some of you must be also for the first time coming to know of this category of differently abled people reading this message from me”.

For 2021 run Dada believed he had to push for the longest distance he has ever covered by doing around 400 Kms to challenge his body and mind once again. He began training when the pandemic affected our lives in 2020. After discussing with close friends who are also part of team Tattva, he decided to run from Ahmedabad to Porbandar which is exactly a distance of 400kms. Dada will also be joined by five other dedicated runners including a female runner who are there to support him and his mission and have taken on this challenge. All six have been training extremely hard and together they want to give it their best and make it to the finish line.

The Run starts at 10:00 pm, 22nd January, 2021 from Ahmedabad and they intend on reaching Porbandar by early hours of 26th January, 2021.

Wish us luck and good wishes so that we can complete this big challenge well for the sake of deafblind deprived people of our country.

The Deafblind Run Team

L-R clockwise: Urvashi Patel, Ashish Singh, Raja Marut, Dr. Pratish Sharda, Amit Bhattacharjee, Samneet Thakur


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