Q1. What is Minimum attendance criteria for this course?
Ans: Selected candidates are expected to attend the web based sessions through their login ID’s provided by the organisation. The students will also have to complete the one week of practical sessions at any of the designated location (at one stretch or in two sessions). Students are expected to achieve the minimum required attendance in each of the above mentioned areas, failing which the students will not be receiving the web based course certificate on Deafblindness.

Q2. Which kind of grading system apply?
Ans: Grades and Grade Points

Grade Evaluation based on performance Grade Point (Maximum of 100)
O Outstanding 90 - 100%
A Excellent 80 - 89%
B Very Good 70 - 79%
C Good 60 - 69%
D Average 50 - 59%
E Unsatisfactory 40 - 49%
F Fail 0 - 39%
Ab Absent 0

Q3. Is the course RCI recognised?
Ans: Existing session is CRE approved from RCI with 30 credit points.

Q4. Where Can I do the practical sessions?
Ans: Practical sessions can be completed at your nearest Sense India partner organisation, please visit the main website for the partners list.

Q5. When will I receive the confirmation mail of registration and the login id?
Ans: You will get confirmation mail and login Id after the last date of registration and before the commencement of course.

Q6. Where to contact if I forget the registration number or login id/password?
Ans: You can contact on toll free number 1800 233 7913 during 11 am to 6 pm (except second, fourth, fifth Saturday and public holidays) / put a message on Whatsapp group (it will be created by the course coordinator) or write a mail to the course coordinator on webdb@senseintindia.org

Q7. Will any TA/DA be provided for the practical?
Ans:TA/DA will not be provided by Sense India or its partner organisation for the practical activities or any cost involved during the practical sessions Like logistics and purchase of teaching learning materials.

Q8. Will I be getting the certificate if I attend only the theoretical sessions and could not complete the practical activities?
Ans: No, Certificate will be provided only after the completion of both theory and practical sessions.

Q9. Who are eligible for the CRE points?
Ans: Only existing RCI registered professionals with a valid CRR number will be eligible for the CRE points after successful completion of the Web Ed. (Db) course.

Q10. What will happen if I miss any online lecture?
Ans: You can access the recording of the lecture by logging in on the website.

Q11. Who will be the faculties for the online lecture?
Ans: The lectures will be delivered by experienced professionals in the field of deafblindness.

Q12. If I leave or drop out from the course in between, will I get the refund of the course coordination cost?
Ans: No, once the course coordination cost is paid, it will not be refunded in any case.

Q13. Can I click photographs of children/ adults with deafblindness during the practical sessions and share it with others or on an online platform (intsagram, facebook, twitter, youtube etc)?
Ans: No photographs should be taken of any children/ adults with deafblindness at the centre or during the practical sessiols. One can take the photographs only with prior concent and should be limited to educational purpose during the course. Prior permission should be taken from adults with deafblindness/ their parents/project coordinator of the particular partner organisation. A safeguarding policy form will be sent through mail to you and you have to sign and send back the scanned copy of it to the course coordinator through mail.

Q14. Do I have to follow any policies during the course?
Ans: During the course period and till its completion, the candidate should follow the safeguarding policy (which consists of Child and Vulnerable adult's protection policy, Anti-Bribery policy, Anti-Sexual harassment policy, whistle blowing policy and financial policy)

Q15. What do I expected to do during the practical session?
Ans: In the practical session, you are expected to make IEP, do functional assessment of the service user and make teaching learning material that is appropriate for the service user depending on the topic of the practical session.

Q16. How and when do I check CRE 30 points credited to me?
Ans: After completing course, CRE 30 points will be credited in your RCI account within 2 or 3 months. In case if it does not get credited, kindly get back to the course coordinator.

Q17. How and when the theory exams will be conducted?
Ans: The theory exam will conducted online after completion of online lecture on every unit. The message of online exam opening will be shared on mail/what's app group by the coordinator.

Q18. How do I get the reading/study materials?
Ans: Reading material will be online available on the course website and can be access through login Id and password provided by Sense India.

Q19. If I am not a special educator or any rehabilitation professional, after completing the course am I eligible to work with children with deafblindness?
Ans: No. if you are a parent of a child with deafblindness, you can use the knowledge and skills learnt with your child but you will not be eligible to work with any other child with deafblindness

Q20. Am I eligible to do the course for the second time and get another 30 CRE points?
Ans: No. you are not allowed to do the same course twice for CRE points.

Q21. How soon do i get the certificate after the completion of the course?
Ans. It will take one week, if not receive within the stated time it is necessary to follow up with the course co-ordinator or Sense International India’s team members.

Q.22. Can you Specify how, this course will help me after completion?
Ans. You will be the profession in high demand at the completion of this course, since there are very few profession trained on deafblindness in the country and other regions to cater the needs of persons with deafblindness. Apart from that the course led by the trained professionals with years of experienced will be able to impart the knowledge to the candidate as per the demand of the profession.

Q.23. Am I able to apply any Govt. Jobs with this certificate?
Ans. Yes, the candidate can apply for Govt. and private jobs at the completion of the course.

Q.24. If there is no partner organization of Sense International India in the nearby location/ at least within the state for candidate, is it possible to do practical session in any nearby special school, NGO’s or other institute working with Deafblindness/ any other disabilities?
Ans. Yes, It is mandatory for the candidate to go for practical session in the most nearby Sense International India’s partner organizations. As Sense India has 59 partners in 5 regions (North, South, East, West, Northeast) in India.

Q.25. If the candidate discontinue the course during the course period, without producing/stating a valid reasons on discontinuation, Will it be possible to rejoin in the next course without repaying the fees?
Ans. With or without producing reasons, no candidates can continue without new registration.

Q.26. Will I get any translation of the lecture in any regional languages if I don’t follow English or Hindi?
Ans: As this is a national level course, only English and Hindi language can be followed. It is difficult to record lectures in different regional languages.