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A child with deafblindness having a fun time with his educator

Sense International India (also known as Sense India) is the only national-level organisation supporting needs-based services which enable children and adults with deafblindness to overcome the challenges caused by deafblindness. Sense India's key objective is to provide information, guidance, support, and training needed along with being committed to helping persons with deafblindness and multiple disabilities and their families by raising awareness and campaigning for rights, opportunities, and services throughout the nation.

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Our Networks

Logo of Abhi Prerna

Abhi-Prerna is a national network of educators working for persons with deafblindness in India. At present there are about 860 members in this support group

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prayaas Logo

Prayaas is a national network of parents of persons with deafblindness in India. Prayaas has more than 1500 families who are providing support to each other and children with deafblindness at local, regional and national levels.

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Logo of Udaan

Udaan is the national network of adults with deafblindness in India. At present there are more than 255 adult members in this unique group from all over India

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Advocacy Initiatives

95% of what we learn about the world comes through sight and hearing . Children wih deafblindness face unique challenges in communication, mobility and accessing information making deafblindness one of the most isolating disabilities.

Sense India and the need for Deafblind Advocacy

Advocacy forms an integral part of the Sense India strategy for influencing others to make a bigger impact. It is a process through which we influence policy and practice to bring about positive changes in the lives of persons with deafblindness. In the process, persons with deafblindness and their families are empowered to take control of their lives, have choices, and are able to secure access to basic services and representation, as full and active members of society. Sense India has been successful in developing services for children with deafblindness, initiating human resource development and representing persons with deafblindness in the mainstream legislations and policy of the country.

image showing women- an educator doing the tactile sign of ‘sit’ with a student with deafblindness
                 children- a child with deafblindness engaged in a pre-braille activity of tracing lines with the support of the educator
                 Young people- Adult with deafblindness expressing his thoughts about his income generating activity.

Events & Campaigns


Events and Trainings

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Surendranagar: Founder of Tattva4U Shri Amit Bhattacharjee organised a dream run from Ahmedabad to Porbandar. He was accompanied by 5 more runners.

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The 'Tattva4U' team started running 400 km from Ahmedabad to Porbandar in aid of the deafblind people. | ETV Bharat

A 400 Km ‘Dream Run’ was organised by “Tattva4U” organisation in aid of disabled children of the Society | Porbandar Mirror

A run was organised in aid of disabled children from Ahmedabad to Porbandar from 22 January to 26th January 2021 | Gujarat News | Porbandar