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story of Meryjosefa Wahlang

On a Path of Progress

Meet Meryjosefa Wahlang, she’s 4 years old and has deafblindness. Born to a lovely family living in the breathtakingly beautiful South Khasi Hills in Meghalaya she is much loved by her three sisters and one brother. Meryjosefa missed a lot of developmental milestones after she was born like she wasn’t able to crawl, and her parents grew worried that something is wrong. She was diagnosed with Deafblindness and Cerebral Palsy.

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story of Pappu Lahkar

Making His Way Towards Independence

Meet Pappu Lahkar, he is 13 years old and has congenital deafblindness with severe hearing impairment & 25% of his vision left. He lives with his mother, sister and grandmother in a serenely small village in Assam. His mother is a daily wage labourer supporting the family after his father died when he was very young.

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story of Senthil Kumar

Dreams Come True, Even in a Pandemic

Senthil Kumar is a 42 years old adult with deafblindness from Wayanad, Kerala. He was used to the isolation and had paved a way for himself to be able to interact with people. He learned Tactile Sign Language to communicate with people through touch.

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