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To live a life with deafblindness is not just a challenge to a person but also to the people associated with them. When people with deafblindness, their families, friends and well-wishers come together to lend support to each other and share their experiences, they also motivate and encourage each other. In the process a network is created amongst them.

Deafblindness is a unique disability (a combination of vision and hearing impairment) posing Immense challenges to the lives of persons with deafblindness, their families and educators.

Its low incidence and scattered population across the country has also been one of the reasons for the formation of their national level support groups in India.

Sense India has supported the development of Networks of Families, Adult Deafblind and Educators as national bodies involved in networking, sensitizing peers, influencing various stake holders and creating awareness through media coverage and information sharing. These three networks have been in existence for more than 15 years and 22 state level family networks have also come into existence during this period.

‘Educators AbhiPrerna -Network of special educator from partner organisations engaged in group discussion during National Conclave


Abhi-Prerna is a national network of educators working for persons with deafblindness in India. At present there are more than 850 members in this support group. This Network is based on the concept of mutual learning amongst teachers and that by connecting them. They will combine their efforts to help children with deafblindness develop better. Abhi-Prerna ensures educators’ professional development through peers with similar interests and professional background. The network meets consistent demand for authentic professional development (development stemming from teacher’s own interests and needs). With likeminded faction, members can pool their knowledge and expertise to develop their ideas about how to improve their practice. It gives its members a chance to share and learn from the success and failures of other teachers as well. The network has already contributed in the development of a curriculum on deafblindness.

Parents of students with deafblindness and multiple Disabilities from Prayaas- Networks of Parents engaged in group discussion during National Conclave


Prayaas is a national network of families of persons with deafblindness in India. It was realized that one parent alone can do a lot but that same parent by jointly working with other similar parents can do so much more. Prayaas has more than 1500 members who are providing support to each other and to the children with deafblindness at local, regional and national levels. Prayaas as a support group believes in bringing together families with similar experiences and needs, to make a positive change in their lives through opportunities to meet, share and learn from each other. Its members aim to realise the rights of their children for whom they need to become their eyes and ears.

Under the aegis of Prayaas National Network, Sense India is building capacity of local parent groups at district and state level giving technical inputs on planning and management of these self-help groups. Parents coming from different regions have started organising their meetings to take up issues at local level. These groups have registered as local networks and they are regularly participating in regional and national network meetings, taking back learning's to apply at local level. They keep coming together to lend support to each other, share experiences and to motivate each other. In the process they also support and strengthen existing services available for person with deafblindness. Currently Sense India is supporting 22 local parents groups across India. One of these Parents groups has taken initiative to start services for their children. Another group has received national award for running a sheltered workshop successfully. One of the Parent group has been an active member of local level committee formed by the National Trust. This group has also been successful in influencing local authorities to make multiple disability certificates for their children. These local groups are emerging as strong advocates to take up deafblind issues and represent deafblindness at local level.

Adults with deafblindness from Udaan - Network of Adults with deafblindness communicating with eachother in tactile sign language during National Conclave


Udaan is the national network of adults with deafblindness in India. At present there are more than 255 adult members in the unique group from all over India. The network was initiated to provide a common platform for persons with deafblindness on an equal basis, to share their experiences and support each other and to cope with their individual situations. It has created a common bond of understanding and action amongst them throughout the country and they are able to stand together for their rights and equal opportunities. Udaan members are now actively contributing for deafblind empowerment all over the country, identifying more members to be included in this network.

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