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We are at the end of the Financial Year 2020-21. While we look forward to the year 2021-22,we are still amid unprecedented challenges and trying hard to cope with the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on our services. Covid-19 led to disruption of day-to-day life,even more for people with deafblindness because 'touch' became a forbidden word. The rapid spread of Covid-19 pandemic led to closure of services overnight and children with deafblindness and their families were left to dend for themselves.

Sense International India responded to this challenging situation as it was necessary for us to reach out to children with deafblindness, their families and edcuators and keep the communication and services on. We used available technology and opened online platforms to reach out to people with deafblindness across India.We reached out to families of people with deafblindness across India to help them meet the daily necessities of life during this ongoing pandemic. We thank you, all our donors and supporters who stood with us during this unprecedented challenging time and helped us continue our services for the deafblind. We look forward to your continued support as we plan our coming year with news hoppes and enthusiasm.

Thank you

Akhil paul

Executive Director


Zero project 2021

We won the Project Zero Award for our work towards employment of persons with Deafblindness. The zero Project finds and shares innovative practices and policies that help improve the ives of persons with disablities

MGLB award

On 15th December 2020,Sense India was adjudged winner of Mary Glowrey - Liliane Brekelmans(MGLB) Disablity Award - 2020 as a role model NGO working for persons with disabilities

Sense India qualified for Advanced Level Gold Seal Transparency certificate by GuideStar India

Sense India qualified for Advanced Level Gold Seal Transparency certificate by GuideStar India. The certification indicates high level of accountability and good governance

Online Training and Education

  • Estimated 1100 children and yound adults with deafblindness have been receiving services through online platforms and calls since the lockdown period and thereafter
  • In the last 8 months, we conducted 15 webinars wherein more than 3500 educators/professionals participated and were trained
  • We ccontinued to engage and build capacity of parents(24 virtual meetings) and adult deafblind(11 virtual meetings) through online mode on weekly/fortnightly basis.This online engagement gave momentum to hold virtual state and regioanl meetings. The reached out to more than 500 network members through 11 state and 3 regional meetings
  • Sense India organised webinars on Helen Keller Day(27th June) and International Day for Persons with Disabilities (3rd December) to raise awareness on deafblindness. Boith webinars were recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India

Meeting Basic Necessities of Life

Ration Kits :
Ration necessity
Sense India ensured that essential ration kits are distributed to deserving families with persons with deafblindness/multiple disabilities in these difficult times.About 1200 needy families of persons with deafblindness and multiplt disabilities in 18 states received ration kits till date(Sikkim, Meghalaya, Assam, Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Delhi, Odisha, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana)
Reviving Income Generation Activity :
IGA necessity
About 93 adults with deafblindness and multiple disabilities received financial support and handholding to rebuild their income generation activity which was affected due to pandemic
Direct Financial Support :
Financial necessity
Around 330 families were provided with financial support to cope up with their loss of livelihood and reduced income during the pandemic
Medicine Support :
Medicine necessity
About 122 service users were supported to meet medicinal needs for 3 months
Assitive Devices :
Assitive necessity
23 needy children and young adults with deafblindness and multiple disabilties received need-based assistive devices

Other Achievements

Shruti image
Shruti's Story :

Shrutilata Singh,(person with deafblindness) represented India in UN forum at 13th session of Conference of State parties(COSP13).Sense India also organized a side event at the 13th Session of COSP on 4th December

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Asha's Story :

(a younf deafblind girl)video was selected as one of the 3 winners of UN World Data Forum competition.Her message on the need for identification of persons with deafblindness was globally acknowledged

  • Sense India submitted for High Level Political Forum(HLPF) virtual discussions in July was accepted and published on UN websites
  • Represented at consultation for Global recommendation for PWDs at the Commonwealth network of children and youth with disablities(CNCYD)
  • Sense India continued to leverage our UN Special Consultative Status to get visibility for persons with deafblindness
  • Submitted oral statement for the General discussions during the 59th session of UN Commission for Social Development(CS0cD59)
  • Approved to hold a UN side event with a South Asian Panel discusiion of persons with deadblindness(PwDb) on impact of technology in their day to day life

The Deafblind Run by Tattva - a voluntary action group

The Deafblind Run by Tattva
The Deafblind Run by Tattva

Committed to bring about change and creating awareness on issues that need a voice, Tattva partnered with Sense International India to raise awareness on deafblindness and raise funds for the cause through the ultra-run of 400kms from Ahmedabad to Porbandar in aid of Sense India.We could reach our target with kind of support of Shri Raj Satsang Mandal,Sayla